Luggage belt is an ideal gift for protecting your luggage or suitcase in the travel or other occasions. Quickly identify your luggage while traveling with your own Luggage Security Strap.

These heavy-duty straps are 2 inches wide and feature a unique, colorful design that will be easy for you to spot at the airport baggage claim. It adjusts efficiently and features a buckle to keep your luggage securely closed. 3-digit combination lock is available by request.

These straps are attractive, durable and come in many colors and patterns. They will save your time when searching for your bags. These straps are ideal for most hard covered luggage.


  • Travel smart with this cool luggage belt to help you identify your luggage while baggage claim.
  • The adjustable belt wraps around your suitcase to prevent accidental openings.
  • Common size is 2” width x 70"" ~ 80"" length. •Available materials are polyester, nylon & imitation nylon.
  • Logos can be made by woven, silkscreen printing; offset printing or heat transferring.
  • 3-digit combination lock is available by request
  • Custom logos welcome only.
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