Metal Badge

The production procedures for this item are almost the same as hard enamel; imitation hard enamel; copper soft enamel, but we do not infill any hard enamel or soft enamel colors, so we gave this item a specific name “Die Struck Copper or Brass without Coloring”.

Since there are not any colors on pins, we have a various finishing for options, such as sandblasting; foggy painting; two tone (gold and nickel) finishing; antique finishing; stain or matte effects and different texture background for choices.

  • Material : Copper or Brass.
  • Colors : None.
  • Motifs : Made by die struck way. (Stamping way)
  • Production Procedures: Mold Engraving → Motifs Stamping → External Shape Cutting → Attachment Soldering → Polishing → Racking before Plating → Electroplating → Packing.
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